Causal Islands LA

Benedict Lau

Benedict Lau is an engineer of distributed systems, mesh networks, and collectively-governed infrastructures. He is a co-founding member of Hypha Worker Co-operative and Distributed Press, CTO at EQTY Lab, and Starling Lab for Data Integrity.

  • Patterns in Data Provenance
Boris Mann
  • Content Addressable Compute with the Everywhere Computer
  • Commons Networks
  • Everywhere Computer: decentralized compute
Brooklyn Zelenka
  • Everywhere Computer: decentralized compute
Chris Shank

Programming in the ℓittle.

Exploring how to elevate visual notations with multi-modal authoring experiences, liveness, and portability across programming environments.

  • Towards a topological interchange format for executable notations, hypertext, and spatial canvases.
Dylan Steck

Full-stack developer focused on software that gives people more agency. Currently doing work at Neynar, the easiest way to build on Farcaster.

  • Farcaster Fever
Gavin Gamboa

Gavin Gamboa is a Los Angeles-based composer, pianist, and video-artist interested in the intersections of improvised and premeditated composition, using software to form a multifaceted stylistic praxis.

  • Using TiddlyWiki For Personal Knowledge Curation
Hannah Howard

Hannah Howard has made contributions across the IPFS ecosystem for 5 years. She wrote parts of Bitswap, all of Graphsync, most of the initial Filecoin markets protocols, and most recently Lassie, a universal retrieval client for IPFS in Go. Hannah is now lead engineer of the W3S venture, focusing delivering hot, decentralized, content addressed storage and retrieval at a global scale. Before all this, Hannah just wrote web apps for people, and before that, she spend 10 years working in non-profits.

  • Building The Distributed Web: Trying, failing, trying again
ivan zhao

Ivan Zhao (he/him) is a poet, game & type designer, and web artist interested in nonlinear narratives, forms, and mechanics that reckon with digital, diasporic, and queer identity. His work interrogates individual and viewer agency. Websites as alternative worlds and lives. Typefaces as diasporic families. Game making as self discovery. Attention as love.

In the past, he has directed two editions of Kernel Magazine, a literary magazine and community reimagining techno-optimism for a better collective future.

  • the poetics of computation

I am the Community Lead at Gnosis where we're building open infrastructure for the decentralized internet.

  • Gnosis: The Community-Run Chain
  • Commons Networks
Julian Bleecker

Julian Bleecker, BSEE, MSEng, Ph.D. is a leading researcher, designer, and entrepreneur in the fields of technology and innovation. He founded Near Future Laboratory and OMATA, and is the originator of the concept of Design Fiction. Bleecker has published extensively on design, technology, and the future, and his book "The Manual of Design Fiction" is widely recognized as a pioneering work on the subject. His work has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, and he is known for his innovative and forward-thinking approach to shaping the future through design.

  • The Future of Computing is Fiction
mai ishikawa sutton

mai (they/them) is a Senior Organizer of DWeb projects, co-founder and editor of COMPOST magazine and Distributed Press, and a contributor with Hypha Worker Co-operative. They are an organizer, facilitator, and writer focused on the digital commons and other intersections between network technologies and the solidarity economy.

  • Networked Organizing for a Pluriversal Distributed Web
  • Commons Networks
Orion Reed
  • Spatial Canvases: Towards an ‘Integration Domain’ for HCI
  • Intro to Open Canvas Working Group
Ryan Betts
  • Hallucinating Fast and Slow

Zhenya works on the privacy-preserving developer platform DXOS. Previously worked on Apollo's commercial offerings for GraphQL, and on Microsoft's Office, Windows, and web developer ecosystems.

  • Our plan to build a Super App for "Everything"